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The LP "Mentalità" (Produced and distributed by the independent Rising Time Label) is a concept album, the result of years of work and collaborations, which has led the artist Manlio Calafrocampano to produce 12 tracks with over 15 featuring, including veteran artists of the reggae scene and Italian hiphop such as Zulù 99 Posse, Villa Ada Posse, Radici nel Cemento, Fido Guido, Kento, Easy One and Masta P

Ska digital tracks such as "Refugees Welcome", or the dancehall of "Oh mamma mia", or even "Unite" and "Lo Gestiscono 2.0" feat Chisco, feed the hope of being able to live in a world without discrimination, barriers and borders, both geographic and mental . Songs like "Mentalità", "Dolce Luna", "Dread Lion", "Happy", "Rebel Soul" invite you to live life in an intelligent, positive and sunny way, always believing in your own being and personality in order to live the waist with head held high.

"Orgoglio Terrone," the official video extracted from the new album Mentalità by the artist Manlio Calafrocampano featuring Fido Guido was released on Tuesday 7 July. 

Song dedicated to southern Italy and its beauties, ancient traditions and its warm and welcoming people. A dip between colors, images and sounds that tell the south and its authenticity. The roots, as well as the Mediterranean traditions of his land have always been a "constant" of his artistic and personal journey despite the distance from his homeland. 

From the first lines, that sense of pride stands out, marking one's own diversity with respect to conventions. This is why Manlio proudly reveals the word "terrone" which means nothing more than "tied to the earth". 

For this song, the artist Calafrocampano chooses the collaboration with one of the most historic and veteran raggamuffin singers of the south, the singer-songwriter and singjay tarantino Fido Guido, who for years has represented the rebel voice of Taranto and his struggles against environmental pollution, the exploitation, militarism and abuse. 

Dynamic and engaging, the video acts as a hypnotic magnet that shows the hidden sides of Old Taranto (Capital of Magna Grecia and the birthplace of the artist Fido Guido); and its marvelous wonders (City of the two seas with Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande). Evocative shots that enclose together the ancient and the modern with that genuine touch with attention to detail that spans between Taranto and Calabria in the end, including glimpses of the Ionian coast of Crotone (also geographically located in the Gulf of Taranto), the inevitable Sila Cosenza, the Casabonese hinterland. 

Shooting and direction of the "tarantino" (from Taranto) Ivan Saudelli, editing and editing of DiMa (Rising Time Label), rhythm and music by RahStars Project (London).


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