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Idris Edres, known as Idrisman, is a reggae and dancehall singer and songwriter. Born in Magenta (Milan, Italy) on September 16, 1990, he has Italian-Palestinian origins, being the second-born child of a mixed couple. Deemed as one of Italian emerging talents on the reggae scene, he has already launched himself into the forefront with several singles and a featuring with Mr. To, frontman of the Rootical Foundation, a well-known reggae Italian band. 

Idris got caught up in music, especially in reggae, at very young age. He was 13 years old when he started to perform as an electric-bass player in a punk-rock/punk-hardcore local band, which he set up with some classmates. Meanwhile, he never stopped to get inspired by reggae artists. In a few years, performing with his band in Italy and abroad, he grew up as a musician. 

At 19, following his decision to leave his parents’ house to live with his partner, today his wife, working and sharing household chores, he found less and less time for the band and left the group. Still suffering from such a difficult decision, in 2017 he decided to start singing, undertaking a new musical project as a reggae solo-artist. Peace, love and respect often find place into Idrisman’s pieces, his songs dealing with themes that deeply affected his biography: immigration, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, discrimination and equality between people. 

Father of three children and having suffered from dyslexia since his own childhood, he has also developed a special sensitivity towards family challenges and the importance of mutual understanding, support and empathy in daily life.At the moment Idris is working at his first album, which will include the already published single songs Gimme A Lighta, No Discrimination, Peace & Respect, My People, Italian Badman and Positive Vibration. 

This is the new single by Idrisman, "On my way", as a powerful means of spreading positive messages. It is the 8th song for Idrisman and the mix is by Catchy Greezzly. The next step, the new album is on the way too!

Boat riddim by Catchy Greezzly 
Compilation H - Umani : Music in black, Rising time label & magazine and Mei 

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Photo by Alessandro Tamburini



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