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Rub a Dub is a crew formed by Friulian musicians very active since 2013.
They are keeping on the spiritual and artistic values of reggae music.
In 2014 they met in Etiophia for the first time the jamaican artist Isiah Mentor. Since then a great collaboration was born and from here their debut album "Spirit of Life". The album includes 12 tracks and it deals with love and spiritual but also militant topics.
"Spirit of Life" is the first brick of a great wall all in red gold and green colors, all made in Italy.
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Rub a Dub band collettivo di musicisti friulani, attivi nella scena dal 2013, portano avanti i grandi valori sia spirituali sia artistici della musica reggae preservando i messaggi profondi che essa trasmette.
Nel 2014 in un viaggio in Ethiopia anno il piacere di stringere amicizia con l' artista jamaicano Isiah Mentor. Nasce una grande collaborazione e da qui l'album di debutto che prende il nome di  "Spirit of Life". L'album e'composto da 12 tracce che spaziano da temi militanti  a quelli più spirituali senza dimenticare l’amore.
Spirit of Life è il primo tassello di una lunga carriera discografia all’insegna del roots rock reggae made in Italy.
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Rising Time's staff includes different figures within it, each and everyone linked to the other by the love for Black Music . The idea arose in 2013, but has become a true reality only in 2014, when DiMa and Ele decided to combine their skills to give life to a mixed project focused not only on music production but also as a real benchmark or simply an information point for reggae music lovers and similar, highlighting the events and venue of the Italian territory and the “made in Italy” productions.