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"Seed" is the debut album of the young reggae Friulian band: The Young Tree. The songs stress out a social denounce, with particular attention to the personal introspection. Two collaborations:one with the wonderful voice of the French singer Sista Val Darkerís the Night and the one with Bunna, leaders of Africa Unite and cornerstone of reggae music in Italy, for Every Man. The album has been recorded at Officine Undergound, mixed at Lemon Studio, mastered at Studio Hybrid published by Gebre Tsadik label; is now available on all digital platforms.
Arriva "Seed", l’album d’esordio della giovane reggae band friulana The Young Tree. I brani sono tutti incentrati sulla denuncia sociale, con particolare attenzione rivolta all’introspezione. Due le collaborazioni: la splendida voce della francese Sista Val presente in Darker’s the Night e quella con Bunna, leader degli Africa Unite e pietra miliare della musica reggae in Italia, per Every Man. Il disco è stato registrato presso Officine Undergound, mixato al Lemon Studio, masterizzato presso Hybrid Studio pubblicato dall’etichetta Gebre Tsadik; è disponibile su tutte le piattaforme digitali.


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Rising Time's staff includes different figures within it, each and everyone linked to the other by the love for Black Music . The idea arose in 2013, but has become a true reality only in 2014, when DiMa and Ele decided to combine their skills to give life to a mixed project focused not only on music production but also as a real benchmark or simply an information point for reggae music lovers and similar, highlighting the events and venue of the Italian territory and the “made in Italy” productions.