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"The Jackie Soul" is a tribute band to Jackie Mittoo, reggae icon, musician, producer and jamaican singer. He’s been one of the Skatalites founder member and musical director for Studio One recording label. The project starts from the meeting of musicians from all over italy with the passion for reggae music, members of international projects (Raphael, Africa Unite, Smoke Orchestra, Nina Zilli, Giuliano Palma, Alborosie, Roy Paci). The show is mainly instrumental and tries to run through his musical history with his original style, in approximately 60 minutes.

The Jackie Soul è un tributo a Jackie Mittoo, icona della musica reggae, musicista, produttore discografico e cantautore jamaicano, nonché membro fondatore degli Skatalites e direttore musicale presso l'etichetta discografica Studio One. Il progetto nasce dall‘unione di grandi musicisti provenienti da varie esperienze musicali, (come Africa Unite, Smoke Orchestra, Nina Zilli, Giuliano Palma, Alborosie, Roy Paci, Raphael), legati dalla passione comune per la musica reggae, . Il live prevede una scaletta di circa 60 minuti, principalmente strumentale, che va a ripercorrere la sua storia musicale con il suo stile inconfondibile.


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Rising Time's staff includes different figures within it, each and everyone linked to the other by the love for Black Music . The idea arose in 2013, but has become a true reality only in 2014, when DiMa and Ele decided to combine their skills to give life to a mixed project focused not only on music production but also as a real benchmark or simply an information point for reggae music lovers and similar, highlighting the events and venue of the Italian territory and the “made in Italy” productions.