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"Int' a Babylon" new album of Broncorotto band, leaded by great singer MC Baco, the partenopeo training comes up on his second work in studio: a disc is already made includes some songs, with a new look in new production. "Int' a Babylon" is a new reflex of our society, fully conscious style, rich of theme and socially engaged. to prove it, there are songs like “130soul" singed together with Blackout JA: a song which tells of the tragedies of sea regarding migrants in search of fortune "Int' a Babylon" distributed at the end of September in all Goodfellas shops.
"Int' a Babylon", nuovo album della Broncorotto band. Capitanata dal bravissimo cantante Mc Baco, la formazione partenopea giunge al suo secondo lavoro in studio: un disco che riprende alcuni brani già realizzati in passato, rivisitati in una nuova veste, che si uniscono a nuove produzioni. "Int' a Babylon", è un vero e proprio specchio della nostra società: ricco di temi socialmente impegnati, . A dimostrarlo, sono brani come il bellissimo "130 Souls", cantata assieme al cantante Blackout Ja: una canzone che racconta le tragedie dei migranti del mare per quanto riguarda in cerca di fortuna "Int' a Babylon", distribuito a fine settembre in tutti i negozi da Goodfellas.


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Rising Time's staff includes different figures within it, each and everyone linked to the other by the love for Black Music . The idea arose in 2013, but has become a true reality only in 2014, when DiMa and Ele decided to combine their skills to give life to a mixed project focused not only on music production but also as a real benchmark or simply an information point for reggae music lovers and similar, highlighting the events and venue of the Italian territory and the “made in Italy” productions.