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For the 71st anniversary of the uncontested king of reggae, the great Robert Nesta Marley's birth, the 6th of February, Rising Time Production presents a reinterpretation of the tune "Caution" by the poliedryc voice of Sista Giuly. This artist has been already part of the band Beska Roots Foundation and is now undertaking a new solist adventure.
Song: "Caution" - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Artist: Sista Giuly
Label: Rising Time Production
Video: Bruno Luca Perrone

Il 6 febbraio 2016, in occasione del 71° anniversario dalla nascita del re indiscusso della reggae music Robert Nesta Marley, Rising Time Production presenta un'interpretazione del brano "Caution" dell'artista poliedrica Sista Giuy, già protagonista e performer della band Beska Roots e al primo esordio come solista.

Song: "Caution" - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Artist: Sista Giuly
Label: Rising Time Production
Mix: Andrea DiMa
Mastering: Francesco Guadalupi
Drum Beat: Daniele Scozzaro
Guitar: Alessio Cake Torta
Keyboards: Daniele Di Marco
Bass: Giulio Puglisi
video: Bruno Luca Perrone
Youtube channel:


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Rising Time's staff includes different figures within it, each and everyone linked to the other by the love for Black Music . The idea arose in 2013, but has become a true reality only in 2014, when DiMa and Ele decided to combine their skills to give life to a mixed project focused not only on music production but also as a real benchmark or simply an information point for reggae music lovers and similar, highlighting the events and venue of the Italian territory and the “made in Italy” productions.